Meet in Kobe

What is the "international Convention Services Package Meet in Kobe

The Portopia Exposition 1981 ushered in a new era for Kobe City to transform into one of Japan's foremost convention cities, offering various services to a variety of international conventions.
With the full support from companies and business organizations in and around the city, the Kobe Convention & Visitors Association has mobilized its accumulated track records and experiences to launch Meet in Kobe, a services package campaign full of various fascinations to be enjoyed by convention organizers and participants.
When you are looking for the best site for your convention, never fail to contact us, please.

Eligibility for "Meet in Kobe"
Conventions are categorized as either type "A" or "B" based on five criteria below.
The services provided vary according to whether only 2 or all 5of these convention criteria are met:
Type "A" conventions must fulfill all 5criteria. Type "B" conventions fulfill only items (1) ~ (2).
  Type B 1. Held in Kobe.
2. Organized by a nonprofit body.
Type A 3. 300 participants or more.
4. Five or more participating countries (including Japan),and 100 or more overseas participants.
5. Duration of 3days or more.
  • In the case of an international conference, it must involve more than two countries, including Japan, and have more than 20 participants.
  • In the case of an international session that is an integral part of a domestic conference, it must have a total of more than 20 participants, including more than 10 overseas participants.
Please contact the following office to apply.
Kobe Convention & Visitors Association, Planning & Promotion Department

Special services for convention organizers

  • Subsidy from the city's Portopia '81 Memorial Fund.
    (The amount of a subsidy is up to 5% of a total convention cost.)
    ※Up to JPY5 million is subsidized to an international convention categorized as type "A".
    Up to JPY2 million is subsidized to an international convention categorized as type "B".
  • An interest-free loan for the preparatory fund of a convention.
    (Application is accepted from three years prior to the convention's opening. Up to JPY3 million per convention)
  • Support a portion of expenses for the organizer's prior site investigation.
    The expenses of a round-trip Shinkansen ticket between Tokyo and Shin-Kobe and one-night stay
    (Including breakfast) at a Meet in Kobe supporting hotel. both for one person. will be provided.
  • Support a portion of expenses for conference signboards.
  • Complimentary Bottles of Kobe wine or local Japanese sake for a toast at the convention's reception party.
  • Complimentary congress bags. (Up to 500 non-woven bags or 100 paper bags per a convention.)
  • Complimentary souvenir for overseas participants.
  • Promotional videos and pictures about Kobe will be lent free of charge.
  • Both in English and in Japanese. introduction pages of your convention will be posted in Kobe Convention and Visitors Association's website.
  • Introduction of volunteer interpreters.
  • Support to public relations for open lectures.
  • Provision of information on attractions at the receptions.
  • A half of the fee of a chartered excursion bus will be subsidized.
    (Up to two buses. Applies to buses used to visit tourist facilities in the city of Kobe.)
  • Support to public relations at conventions held prior to those scheduled for Kobe.

※Service with this mark is provided to an international conference categorized as type "A" only.

Special services for convention participants

  • The fare of the Port Liner connecting Port Island and Kobe Airport / downtown will be discounted by up to 50% off the regular fees.
    (Advanced application necessary. Up to 3,000 tickets for type "A" conferences and up to 1,000 for type "B" ones.)
  • The fare of the Rokko Liner connecting Rokko Island and downtown will be discounted by 50% off the regular fees.
    (Advanced application necessary. Up to 3,000 tickets for type "A" conferences and up to 1,000 for type "B" ones.)
  • Complimentary VIP discount coupon tickets for tourist facilities and for shopping.
  • Free Kobe guide maps.
  • Free guide maps of the Kobe Convention Center area
  • A tourist information service at the convention site.


  • Submission of applications (All applications must be submitted by November 30th of the year prior to the convention concerned.)
  • Approval of the convention
  • Consutltaion on services
  • Provision of services
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