Kobe Convention & Visitors Association (KCVA) was founded with a mission to promote the holding of conventions within Kobe and tourism to Kobe. The KCVA is a public organization in affiliation with Kobe City Government.

Prior to Booking

Organizer selects Japan for his event
Kobe Selected as Host City
  • KCVA arranges invitation letter from the Mayor of Kobe.
  • Offers general advice, program support (incl. subsidies).
  • Prepare cost estimate.
  • Loan out promotional video / photographs of Kobe.
  • Mail out convention-related pamphlets.
  • Host site inspection by overseas organizers.

Preparations Pre-event

For Advising Organizers
  • Advise how to fulfill event specifications.
  • Provide information on holding conferences in Kobe.
For Putting a Team Together
  • Introduce venues, hotels, PCOs and agents, etc.
For Financial Support
  • Provide subsidies (for international conventions in Kobe).
  • Provide interest-free loans for preparations (ditto).
  • Apply for donation by Japan National Tourist Organization.
  • Apply for subsidy from Tsutomu Nakauchi Foundation.
For PR to Potential Participants
  • Promotion using website.
  • Loan out promotion video and slides about Kobe.
  • Provide pamphlets and commemorative gifts.
  • Arrange for Kobe City to be an official supporter, etc.
  • Arrange press conference to announce event, etc.
For Conference Preparations
  • Introduce key contacts and negotiate with agents / suppliers.
  • Provide miscellaneous support services.
For Exhibition / Trade Show Preparations
  • Provide industry information.
  • Support exhibit customs applications.
  • Introduce key contacts / negotiate with agents / suppliers.

During Event Dates

For the Welcome (depending on event)
  • Arrange for Mayor to attend openings, etc.
  • Supply Kobe wine (for hospitality events)
  • Place welcome banners
  • Supply gifts for VIPs
For Excursions
  • Organize visits to major projects in Kobe
For Sessions Open to General Public
  • Advise about planning, joint-organizing, and support, etc.
  • Print public invitation in community magazine, “Koho Kobe”.
For Participant / Delegate Services
  • Organize local home visits.
  • Organize volunteer interpreters.
  • Set-up dedicated tourist information counters.
  • Supply delegates with Kobe sightseeing pamphlets.
  • Supply delegates with Kobe vicinity dining maps.
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